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Arroyo-Hernandez Janitorial Services

We are a janitorial service company that specializes in cleaning schools, churches, public bathrooms, clinics, dentist offices and more. We pay attention to small details that other companies may overlook.


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Welcome clients to our site of Arroyo-Hernandez Janitorial 


Our Services

 we clean many offices and have 7 years of experience cleaning offices and we also clean schools, churches, public bathrooms, clinics, and dentists and we do small details of cleaning that other cleaning companies don't do.



We provide daily cleaning services for schools of all sizes, ensuring that students and faculty have a clean and healthy learning environment.



We understand the importance of maintaining a clean and welcoming environment for churches. Our janitorial services include cleaning of pews, floors, and restrooms.


Public Bathrooms

We specialize in cleaning and sanitizing public restrooms, ensuring that they are always clean and hygienic for public use.

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